A Surprise In The New Home We Have

When you buy a previously owned house, you are bound to find some surprises. In our case, the house we bought had a garage and attic full of junk. We then considered san diego waste removal because we need the garage and also the attic.

When we moved in for the first time, I was already expecting that the garage would be full of junk we will need. This is a common thing already. Previous homeowners would often put all their unwanted things in the garage before they would move out to another place. The junk they have would be left for the next homeowners. Now, that is so nice of them right?

The thing that really surprised as was that the garage wasn’t the only filled with unwanted junk for the attic was also on the same state as the garage. The attic became a storage room filled with boxes and stuff. In the attic, we found various toys, magazines, clothing, books, paintings, photos, cabinet and some oddities like a traffic cone and also an anatomy model, complete would organs. The model really surprised me the most. As far as I remember, you can only see it at schools or hospitals, not in homes.

We rummaged all the junk in the garage and the attic. We found things that are still quite useful for us. I even kept the anatomy model. That would be a nice thing to have. For some of the things we cannot use, we tried selling them by putting a yard sale. The rest that are not unwanted, went to the hands of junk removal company we hired.

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