An Essay I’ve Made

As a business administration student, there would be times when our professors require us to submit reports and essays regarding various topics related to business and running it. Then one time, a professor asked us to make an essay about business templates and business strategies readily available over the web. He asked us to make an essay reflecting our opinion for this thing. I thought it would be a difficult thing. I was able to make one so easily because of this website here: blue ocean strategy as well as the many materials I’ve used in making the essay.

When I first heard of this topic, I was surprised. Yes, I understand that sometimes businessmen hire other people to make business strategies for them, but I have never heard of businessmen buying business strategies on the web. Well, even if it was a surprising thing to me, I still did my job as college student. In order for me to create a report, I did some research on the web. It is because of this thing that I found a lot of materials for my review like the one found in this link: core competencies.

Because of my research, I believe that buying business strategies on the web is not bad. Buying a business strategy is beneficial, especially to owners of small as well as medium businesses. Usually, businesses of such levels cannot easily hire marketers and people who can make and implement business strategy because of their limited resources. With this option available for them, they can find business strategies that can improve the way their business moves. Moreover, business owners can also focus on other matters because the time they need to spend in formulating strategies will be saved at the same time. This was what my essay was all about.

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